Pitch Competition Information


Have you always wanted an opportunity to pitch your idea but didn't know where or how?  Are you looking for feedback on your startup concept?  

We encourage all Rutgers Students to enter the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Pitch Competition.  All entries will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their ideas/concepts or companies.

Qualification / Criteria for Participants in the Pitch Event:

  • Team Makeup:
    • Rutgers University students from any school, department or major (undergraduate or graduate) may apply to compete in this Pitch Event.
    • Each team can consist of one or more team members but must have at least one Rutgers student.
    • As long as there is at least one current Rutgers student on each team, teams may have additional team members (students or alumni) from any university or industry.
  • Stage of Development & Sectors:
    • An entry can consist of a concept, prototype/pilot, or an actual startup venture (at any stage of development, ranging from early stage to revenue / user / growth stage).
    • It can be a tech, non-tech or tech-enabled concept or startup.
    • Any industry or sector can compete
    • Product and/or services are eligible to compete
  • How do I apply for the Pitch Competition?
    • If you are interested in participating in the Pitch Competition, please Register.
    • Be sure to use an email address that you check on a regular basis. All those who express interest in the competition will be sent additional information.
    • Final Pitches, 7:00 PM, Wednesday, November 1, College Ave. Student Center


Spotlight Box: 



  • Register ASAP - We recommend you register by October 10, 2017 to receive preferred consideration (think early decision or early action!)
  • Submit a link to your Pitch Deck by October 20, 2017
  • Preliminary Pitch Rehearsal - week of October 23-27 (details TBD).
  • Winners will pitch live at the Expo on November 1, 2017 and compete for prizes and awards. 


Pitch Deck Guidelines

  • You will be asked to submit a brief description of 5-10 slides via Powerpoint or google.
  • Final pitch presentations will be limited to 3 minutes.