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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Pitch Contest !


First place:


Anurag Modak, Yuki Osumi, Sarah Pomeranz, Ari Mendelow


Second place: 


Neeha Pathan, Carmryn Kozachek, Tiger Li


Third place: 


Revanth Korrapolu, Nicholas Costa, Aaron Kau




UPDATE:  10-22-17  Entry to the Pitch Competition is now CLOSED!   Thank you to all those who expressed interest in pitching.   If you registered on or before 10-22-17,  you should have received an email from organizer Mukesh Patel with information on how to send in your pitch deck.



Have you always wanted an opportunity to pitch your idea but didn't know where or how?  Are you looking for feedback on your startup concept?  

We encourage all Rutgers Students to enter the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Pitch Competition.  All participants are invited to attend a one-hour seminar/workshop and will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their ideas/concepts or companies.

Qualification / Criteria for Participants in the Pitch Event:

  • Team Makeup:
    • Rutgers University students from any school, department or major (undergraduate or graduate) may apply to compete in this Pitch Event.
    • Each team can consist of one or more team members but must have at least one Rutgers student.
    • As long as there is at least one current Rutgers student on each team, teams may have additional team members (students or alumni) from any university or industry.
  • Stage of Development & Sectors:
    • An entry can consist of a concept, prototype/pilot, or an actual startup venture (at any stage of development, ranging from early stage to revenue / user / growth stage).
    • It can be a tech, non-tech or tech-enabled concept or startup.
    • Any industry or sector can compete
    • Product and/or services are eligible to compete
  • How do I apply for the Pitch Competition?
    • If you are interested in participating in the Pitch Competition, please Register.
    • Be sure to use an email address that you check on a regular basis. All those who express interest in the competition will be sent additional information.
    • Final Pitches, 7:00 -  7:30 PM, Wednesday, November 1, College Ave. Student Center


Spotlight Box: 



  • REGISTRATION is now closed.  Thank you to all who registered. 
  • If  you registered by 10-22-17, your deck is due by 10:00 AM on Tuesday, October 24, 2017.  
  • Preliminary Pitch Rehearsal (mandatory):  A live Pitch Rehearsal (think of it as an audition  - Semi Finals) will be held sometime between October 24-30 (details as to date, time and venue will be emailed within the next couple of days). At least one member of each team must be present during the rehearsal, although the entire team is encouraged and welcomed to attend and be part of the pitch presentation. At the rehearsal, a team of mentors will provide feedback and suggestions for improving the pitches.
  • Final Live Pitch at Expo: - From the rehearsal, a Screening Committee will select the top five teams (the Finalists) who will pitch live at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo. on Nov. 1st in front of an esteemed Panel of Judges and compete for prizes and awards. Several teams will also be considered for honorable mentions.  


  • Slide Deck: Each team must submit via email a link to a Slide Deck on Google Slides. (Powerpoints can be uploaded to Google Slides. The slide decks may include audio. If you prefer to use any format other than Google slides, you must mention this in person at the rehearsal in order to explore the possibilities and make a determination at that point).

    Pitch Presentations: Each pitch will be limited to 3 minutes. There will be a timer sign at the 2 minute and 2.5 minute marks. At the 3 minute mark, we will call "Time" and stop your presentation but allow you to finish your sentence (just a few seconds). Please practice your pitch and time it to ensure you are within the 3 minute timeframe. 

    Rubric: The Judges are working on the final Rubric and I will share that document with all teams as soon as it is finalized and when I receive it. I hope to share that document before the rehearsal. The Rubric is expected to rate quality of content (substance and slides), opportunity/idea/solution, and delivery. 

FYI Box: 

Pitch Competition Judges

  • David Waizer, Attorney at Law, Day Pitney LLP
  • William McDevitt, CPA, CVA, Shareholder, Director, Tax Department, Wilkin & Guttenplan P.C.
  • Kristy Gillio Fall, Owner, Manager, K&M Interior Designs, LLC (Rutgers Alum)
  • Sanjay Macwan - Former Senior VP and CTO of NBC Universal Media Labs
  • Lou Cooperhouse, Executive Director, Rutgers Food Innovation Center